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Dave, you are without a doubt one of the best artists to grace NG. I always look forward to your movies and music and can't wait to see and hear more. Keep up the amazing work.

Amazing. Totally front page material.

Wow. That was incredible. The David Firth influence is very obvious in both the art and the context. However, this piece still oozes with originality. While Firth uses considerable dialogue to set the mood in his work, you've successfully recreated that atmosphere with visuals alone; the minimalist soundtrack only adds to the intensity. Moreover, the art had its own unique fluidity and was a tad more colorful than I'd expect for this genre. Don't get me wrong, though. The added color worked perfectly. Please, continue this sub-plot.

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Loved the animation

Ah, nothing like the refreshing Spumco style to bring back memories of Ren & Stimpy.

mumbla responds:

how about karate style while i kick your ass

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Actually, not bad

Maybe it's cuz I'm stoned, but that was really entertaining. The esoteric mix of subject matter really screwed with my head, and the soundtrack just added to the brainfart. Also, the game actually got kind of difficult. Nice job, man. Keep it up.

Below par for Badlands...

Graphics and style are amazing as usual, but damn... the controls are DISMAL. The dumpling needs a MUCH more defined anchor point, as I often found myself clicking right on the sucker only to have him (her?) drift right into a horde of toxoplasms. Even at a dead standstill, it usually took 3 clicks just to finally get a grip. Great game, but extremely frustrating.

Awesome game, but one suggestion...

If you do a sequel, the audio needs a lot of work. Don't get me wrong, this is one of the best games I've seen on NG in a while. Still, a better soundtrack and improved voice acting are key. For music, check out this band Therion. Look for the song Ginungagap off of "Secret of the Runes." I think you'll agree that it fits perfectly.

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Dude, this is just one big piece of AMAZING. VERY chill, especially after a nice bowl ;) Props to you, my friend. Keep 'em comin.

Ratso responds:

yesssss ;5

I try to review fairly... though sometimes I'll rip into the occasional crap submission. Yeah. Fun times.

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